Estimating Tendering and Bidding for Construction PDF

This book discusses the dual process of estimating and bidding for construction work. Unlike many other documents on the same subject, it is not intended to bring together the estimator’s work constants, nor does it describe in detail how unit prices for each construction industry are calculated.

Although the mechanics of the estimating and procurement processes are considered, they are discussed only in sufficient detail to understand the general principles in the context of the overall process. Instead, this book attempts to explore estimating and bidding as a whole process within the broader context of construction management and construction economics. Therefore, the aim of this book is twofold:

first, to provide a text that addresses broader aspects of estimation and tendering than has been the case in the past, and second, to review recent research on its application to British practice in estimation and tendering. In this regard, I have relied on research published in many parts of the world, including the UK, US, Australia and Hong Kong. The book is intended primarily for students who already have a basic understanding of the estimation mechanism.

It covers a wide variety of topics, and I know well that some areas are more superficially covered than others. This is partly intentional and partly due to the pressures of space, but I have tried to include detailed references where possible, in the hope that these may stimulate and assist. research aid of those who wish to deepen aspects of the subject. I hope the book can also be of interest to practitioners in this field. 

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